Our mission is to help every kid build the foundation they need to learn, grow, and achieve.

Why character skills?

Cognitive ability and social-emotional skills (i.e. self-confidence, teamwork) are both essential for student and longer-term success. Character skills make learning more efficient because they enhance our ability to learn.

The Problem: Character skills are essential but do not get enough attention.

  • In a recent survey, 92% of nearly 900 surveyed executives said character skills were equally or more important than technical skills, yet 89% said they have a “very difficult” time finding employees with those character skills

  • Parents and teachers are starting to grasp the importance of soft skills for students but there is a lack of specificity in terms of what and how soft skills should be taught, and efforts to teach them have traditionally been hard to scale.

Our Solution: We create fun, high-quality learning experiences to teach kids (3-8th grade) character skills (creativity, collaboration)

Our offering is unique because:

  1. More face time, less screen time. We don’t want students buried in a screen. Our activities promote cognitive stimulation through discussion and in-person activities.

  2. We empower students to lead and learn by doing. Students are encouraged to host a Learning Bites event at their school or in their community to give them an opportunity to make an impact.

  3. Holistic parent-student-teacher approach. We also provide opportunities for parents and teachers to engage together. This is the key to helping students grow.