At Learning Bites, we teach character development through art.

Character skills (aka: soft skills) are really important, but lacking.

  • In a recent survey, 92% of nearly 900 surveyed executives said soft skills were equally or more important than technical skills, yet 89% said they have a “very difficult” time finding employees with those soft skills.

Efforts to address the soft skills gap have been traditionally ineffective and hard to scale.

  • Current players include classroom magazines, educational tools for parents and teachers, partnerships between companies, non-profits and schools.

  • Parents and teachers grasp the importance of soft skills for students entering the workforce but there is a lack of specificity in terms of what and how soft skills should be taught in the first place.

We create engaging visual content highlighting character qualities that resonates with both parents and kids.

  • We empower kids with appropriate skills they’ll need later in their career (e.g. collaboration, empathy, patience).

  • We highlight the importance of these qualities to their parents.